What payment options do you offer?

You can choose between monthly or annual subscription. If you choose to pay your subscription monthly it will be charged to your debit or credit card. If you choose to pay annually a invoice will be generated which can then be paid by card or bank transfer.

To choose the subscription that suits you best, click on the green button “Upgrade”. If you would like to see what the different subscription costs, click here.

How do I change my settings regarding payment?

If you want to change the information on future invoices, then go to “My Account” > “My details” > “Account Owner”.

If you want to change credit card, then go to “My Account” > “Invoices and account info”. At the right bottom, click “Change card”.

How can I import my contacts?

You can import contacts in two ways:

  1. Import from a CSV-file
  2. Copy/paste from a text file.

Import from a CSV-file:
A practical way to import large contact lists is through our file manager tool. By clicking “select file” you get the opportunity to select a CSV-file to insert. First, you get to choose which list you want your contacts should subscribe to, and then you get to upload your CSV-file. Duplicated contacts are left untouched, unless you would like to update them with new information such as a field for a new attribute.

Copy/paste from a text file:
You can also copy/paste your contacts directly from eg. an Excel-file. Be sure to have the first name, last name and email address in separate columns. Keep in mind that you may have maximum one contact per row. Copy the content and paste it in our tool, you will notice that the system automatically lines up the contacts separate lines and rows. Please note that an e-mail adress is mandatory, however, first- and last name and attributes such as city, gender, etc. are optional.

Am I allowed to use purchased e-mail addresses?

We respect all individuals and see subscribers as the most important part of e-mail marketing, therefore, we would love to promote and use e-mail marketing on their terms and use. As e-mail marketing providers we would like to maintain a positive aspect and work by having zero tolerance against spam and/or unwanted e-mails. This is maintained though our policy that prohibits purchased addresses or e-mails collected without the knowledge of the subscriber to be used in our tool.

We kindly thank you for your understanding and for respecting our policy.

Why is my newsletter marked as spam?

As a result of an increased number of spam in recent years has created automated programs that classifies many newsletters as spam. Unfortunately, it can sometimes lead to newsletters mistakenly ending up in the junk folder or classified as spam. Keep in mind the following:
Internal newsletter are much more likely to be classified as spam by spam filters
When sending newsletter through third parties (such as Get a Newsletter), when the sender and receiver has the same domain, the risk is very high that the e-mail will get classified as spam. This can be prevented by setting up a [SPF record](/ Help Center/how-can-I-prevent-the-middle-newsletter-fall-in-spam-​​filter/) in your server in order to let e-mails through.

Spam filters and “mapping systems” makes it harder for commercial senders to reach out to their customers
Getting through spam filter is not the easiest thing to do. It also depends on the preferences of the recipients, if they have special spam filter implemented to their servers or certain mapping system, e.g. Gmail has tabs, that they use to sort their mailbox.

  • Does your letter ended up in the junk mail? Ask the recipient to put your e-mail address in the address book or that it marks your message as “not junk”
  • Avoid printing links in the newsletter, instead select a word and insert a link to a desired URL-address.
  • Use our block editor that is optimized to get the newsletters to look good and avoid spam filters.
  • Have a good balance between text, pictures and links. Many spam filters react to mails with very links and images in relation to text.