Add contact

We always recommend you to import your contacts in group by uploading a file. Not only does it minimize the risk of errors but it’s also faster to simply upload a file rather that adding contacts one by one. Sometimes you can not avoid to add contacts one by one, for example when you have only one new contact to add to your contact list. This article presents how to add a new contact in the tool.

Add contact

By clicking on the button “Add contact” you get to a new page were you may fill in information such as e-mail address before you click on the save button. The “Add contact button” is found on you contacts page on the top right corner. You simply add information such as first and last name, note that e-mail address is mandatory.

Add contacts one by one, make sure to add a subscription to your contact.

Add contacts one by one, we recommend you to fill in first and last name if possible.

Manage attributes

If you’ve added attributes they’ll be shown under the field “manage attributes”. You also have the possibility to add a new attribute immediately in add contact section by clicking on the link “add attribute”. Make sure to add information that can be used to personalize your newsletters such as city or gender.

Current subscriptions

Current subscriptions lets you decide which subscription (list) your contact should be subscribed to and receive newsletters from. We strongly recommend that you create several lists in order to send targeted newsletters. Note that a contact can subscribe to more than one list.