Add Template – Overview

When you create a new template you get to choose to create it in Get a Newsletter’s Block Editor or in our advanced editor. Using the Block Editor you can select a subject, choose a template design, and add your own content. We recommend that you Get a Newsletter’s Block Editor and choose one of our responsive template designs. In this article we’ll describe the two options further.

Choose amongst our various layouts. They're all responsive.

Choose amongst our various layouts. They’re all responsive.

Create template in our Block Editor

To create a new template, click on the button “Add template”. We offer several different types of template designs that you can be inspired by to create newsletters, all our templates are mobile-ready and tested in various e-mail clients, so you don’t have to worry about coding anything special to make sure your emails look good on different e-mail inboxes and mobile phones (Androids and iPhones).

Create template in our advanced editor

Our advanced editor is suited for those who are comfortable using HTML and CSS code. You may create and design your template exactly the way you like from scratch such as creating tables and HTML-coding to get the design you desire.

★ Tooltip:

You can create a copy of an existing template, click the icon that pictures two documents to duplicate a template under the field “Actions” in the field “Templates”.