Attribute – Overview

Attributes are personal characteristics that you may use to create personalized newsletters. All your contacts has e-mail address as a common attribute and you may add first and last name as an attribute by updating contact information with first-and last name. Further, you may also choose to add custom attributes, such as company name, member type, country- you may decide what attributes you’d like to use. Go to Contacts > Attributes and there you can create the attributes that you want to use.

By clicking on the button “Add Attribute” you have to possibility to add a new attribute in the tool. The easiest way to add and update attribute information to your contacts is to update you contact information and upload them to the system again, along with the attribute information. The system will ask you if you’d like to updated your current contacts with new information, by choosing “yes” the new attributes will be imported to the system.

Attribute only works when making a sharp mailings. In the test mail does not work but the attributes when making a sharp mailings must attribute function both in email client, and when the recipient opens the email in your browser.

The following scenario demonstrates how you should think and conduct yourself to attributes:

You run a business and has a customer club with different discount levels – depending on how much the customer buys he gets a discount percentage which is individual and specific to that particular customer.

It’s time to send out the annual discount to your customers and for that, you have created the attributes “Member Type” with a code “[[member type]]” and “Sale” with a code “[[discount]]” and filled them in for all users in their contacts fields and attributes when you imported them.

Here’s a formulation in the newsletter:

“Hi ##firstname##, you are a [[member type]]- member and we’re offering you [[discount]]% discount on your next purchase on our website.”

Here’s what it will look in your newsletter:

“Hey Eric, you are a Silver-member and we’re offering you 5% discount on your purchase on our website.”


“Hello Leah, you are a Gold-member and we’re offering you 10% discount on your purchase on our website.”

It is then shown that Eric has a “silver” membership, and “5” in the percentage discounts specified in his contact info. Leah, on the other hand, has the “gold” membership and gets “10” which is also shown in her contact filed under her attributes.

Our standard attribut are:

• ##firstname## will provide you with the first name of your customer
• ##lastname## will provide you with the last name of your customer
• ##email## will provide you with the email address of your customer


★ Tooltip:

Attribute doesn’t work when you preview the draft or send it as a test mail. Further, the attribute won’t be shown when you spread it online through the share links provided in our “Report” tab.

Attribute Sections


Attribute Name

The heading “Name” indicates the name of the different attributes. You can easily change the name of your attribute by clicking on the attribute name you want to change.


This field shows how many of your contacts that have the attribute information included in their contact information.


Attribute code shows which code you can (should) state in your newsletter in order to convert the attribute to customer attribute information in the newsletter. Eg attribute “Member” is specified as [[Member]], you can write “For all our [[Member]]” to produce a personal message such as “For all our Premium members” or “For all our Bronze members”.


In the toolbar, you have that option to delete your attributes. To delete an attribute, click the icon that represents a red cross.

Manage Attributes

Add Attribute

To add an attribute, click on “Add Attribute”. You then fill in a desired name that’s going to represent the attribute. We recommend that you use a name that explains what the attribute will be used for. Finally, click “Save”. You may also click “Cancel” if you decide you don’t want to create an attribute. You can add an unlimited number of attributes.

Add a new attribute by clicking on the button "Add Attribute".

Add a new attribute by clicking on the button “Add Attribute”.

Edit Attribute

It’s possible to edit an attribute, you get the option to change the name of the attribute. You do this by clicking on the name of the attribute. Fill out the form with the desired name, then click save.

You can also click the icon that represents a pen during field toolbar to edit an attribute. Finally, click “Save” to return to an overview of your attributes.

You can edit a attribute by clicking on the icon that pictures a pen.

You can edit a attribute by clicking on the icon that pictures a pen.

Delete Attribute

You can easily delete an attribute by clicking the red cross located in the toolbar. When you delete an attribute, all data associated with the attribute in your contacts information and in newsletters will be deleted.

You can edit a attribute by clicking on the icon that pictures a red cross.

You can edit a attribute by clicking on the icon that pictures a red cross.