Autoresponders – Overview

Autoresponders are mails that goes our to your customers automatically after they have been added to a list which is usually triggered by a link click or when a contacts is added to a list through subscription forms.

Autresponder Sections



The name of the templet will be presented under the field “Subject”. If you haven’t specified a name for your autoresponder, the system will add the name of the template as a subject. The subject name is stated as a link, it’s a shortcut to preview the newsletter.


This field shows if your autoresponder is running or paused.


This field provides you with information about which lists that will be receiving your mail.


The tool provides different options such as view mail, a shortcut to reports, copy mail and delete autoresponder.

Toolbar Section

The toolbar section provides you with shortcuts for different actions which we will go through and clarify further below.

Reschedule, stop, preview or duplicate your autoresponder.

Reschedule, stop, preview or duplicate your autoresponder

Preview Autoresponder

View your autoresponder by clicking on the shortcut that pictures an eye in the toolbar. This is an option for you who’d like to check and confirm if there are any concerns.

View Report

View how well your newsletter performs and your readers responded to your mail, see link clicks and much more in your reports.

Copy Autoresponder

Creates a new draft based on a sent mail by clicking on the icon that pictures two folders. The system will provide you with a copy of your sent mail in our block editor were you may edit and resend.

Delete Autoresponder

The icon that pictures a red cross gives you the opportunity to delete your autoresponder. Please note that the report for the sent mail will also be deleted. You can’t undo this action.

Pause Autoresponder

Pause your autoresponder to make changes in your mail.