Can I send a PDF-file?

It’s not possible to send PDF-s as newsletters however you can insert them in your newsletter as links that your readers can click on to open and read. It is much better from a few aspects – you get invaluable statistics on how many people really have opened the document in your detailed report view. You may insert PDF-files, word documents and other form or text-files.


To link to a PDF-file you upload the file in our file manager (just like uploading a picture). Note that you can only insert PDF-files in text-blocks, you can’t link PDF:s to pictures.

  1. Select the word that you want to link to the PDF-file.

  2. Click on the icon that looks like a gray chain in the edit mode of your text block.

  3. Upload the file in our file manager- an icon that represents a folder with a magnifying glass. (A new window opens were you may browse for your files).

  4. Click on the PDF-file to insert it in your newsletter.

  5. Click “OK” to save the PDF-file as a link.