Collect more subscribers through your website

Collect more subscribers to your newsletter by adding a subscription form on your website or social media platforms where potential customers can sign up to. Create a subscription with a little help from our tool, fill in the form and click on the save button before adding it on your website. Are you familiar with HTML? Don’t forget to paste the subscription form on your website in the “text-tab” if you’re a WordPress user. If you are not comfortable using HTML-code, you may use a subscription link instead to copy/paste on your website. The tool automatically generates a subscription link when you create a subscription form.

A subscription link can also be used on Facebook, Twitter, other social media platforms and in newsletters for your customers to sign up or tell their friends to sign up. The subscription link leads to a form on our website where your customers can fill in their name and email address and then click on “Subscribe to newsletter” to sign up for your newsletter. Once your customer signs up to your newsletter a confirmation email will be sent to the user’s email address to verify the subscription.

To create subscription forms so you need to go to the tab ” API & Form ” and click ” Add Form “.