Contacts – Overview

The contact page gives you a total list of all your contacts sorted by time when they were last updated. To help you easily find the right contact and to get a good overview of the contact information we present the information of your users in separate columns based on their e-mail address, first and last name, subscriptions and recent updates. The contact page is provided with a filtering tool in order to make it easier for you to sort and filter your contacts in a easier way.

Contact Sections



The email section presents all your contacts email address. You are able to edit a contact and its subscriptions by clicking on the contact’s email address. Also, you may present your contacts in alphabetical order by clicking on the header “E-mail”.


This section presents the name of your contact, if you have not entered a first name then no name will be presented in the field. You have the possibility to sort and display the names of your contacts in alphabetical order by clicking on the title “Name”.


Subscription section presents which list-s your contacts are subscribed to and the status (if the subscription is active or cancelled) of the subscription. You may filter out specific lists/subscriptions by using our filter-tool. Also, you have the possibility to filter subscriptions based on their activity (active/inactive) and when they last was updated. You can reset your search results by clicking on “Reset filter” or “Show all lists”.


Status presents the last made ​​changes that was made on a certain contact, ie. if you change an email address on a specific contact, the system will update your changes and present the time and date the changes was made. You can sort the earliest or latest updated contact by clicking on the the field “Updated”.

Also, by using our filter-tool you can choose to sort and filter all contacts after specific time intervals such as “7 days”, “In the last month,” and “the past year”. You can reset the search results by clicking the “Reset filter” or “Show all contacts”.


Active presents if the contact is fully functional (active) or inactive. Inactive contacts will not receive any notifications or newsletters, the system presents inactive contacts with a red cross mark meaning that it is inactive. However, a active contact will be presented with a green check mark. An inactive contact may sometimes caused by a misspelled e-mail adress, therefore, always make sure that all the information is correct.

You can choose to sort your contacts by their status; inactive and active. You do this by clicking on the “Filter” button and select to “Active Contacts” or “Inactive contacts” first. This is a good idea if you would like to tidy up your contact list. You can reset the search results by clicking the “Reset filter” or “Show all lists”.

Toolbar Section

The tools section allows you to erase and export your contacts to an Excel or CSV file that you may download for personal use. The toolbar also allows you to add subscriptions to your existing contacts.


Export contacts

The toolbar gives you the option of exporting one, several or all of your contacts. Our system will provide you with an Excel-file containing a list of all the contacts you have chosen to export. A list that contains more than 60,000 contacts will be exported as a CSV-file instead. The file mainly contains information such as email address, update status and name (if given) in separate rows and columns. You may use our filtering tool to sort out your contacts by status, in cases were you’d like to export a list of all your active subscribers to a file.

Delete contacts

You are given three options when deleting your contacts; one were you may delete one contact at a time and a second were you may delete several contacts or all at once. In order to select one or several contacts to delete you’ll have to check the box next to the email address of the customer and afterwards click on “Delete all selected contacts” in the toolbar. Please notice that once you’ve deleted your contacts all the contact information- including status and subscription- will also be erased. Also, you have the option to delete all contacts or contacts from search or filter results.

Add subscription

You can also add one or more subscriptions to your existing contacts-even for those who already are subscribed to one or several lists.

The system provides two different options; one that gives you the opportunity to select several contacts and another that allows you to filter your contacts by their subscription and status- the latter is valuable for you who would like to add a new subscription for contacts who has previously chosen to unsubscribe from a list.

Want to add a subscription to one or multiple contacts? Click on the checkbox- you will find this next to the e-mail adress of your contacts- and then select “add subscriptions for” in the toolbar. If you would rather add a subscription to one or more lists you must first filter out the list via our filtering tool and then choose “Add subscription” in the toolbar before you complete the process.

★ Tool Tip:

If you are looking for a specific contact we recommend that you use our search feature. You will find a search box in you contact page.

To clear the search box, click on the "escape-button" that appears in the box.

To clear the search box, click on the “escape-button” that appears in the box.