Delete email addresses with red crosses

When the system looks at the number of email addresses to determine which subscription fits the best, the system looks at the total number of email addresses. Thus, the number displayed when accessing the Contacts page.

But after a while when you have e-mailed newsletters occasionally, there will be a little red cross (x) here and there. For example when it comes back bounce mails that says that it is not possible to reach some email addresses. Hard bouncing mail inactivate the contact/address immediately and soft bouncing mail gets 3 attempts. That is, if an e-mail has softly bounced 3 newsletters straight, it appears as an abandoned mailbox and the e-mail address is inactivated. Then those who receive your newsletters will have the opportunity to unsubscribe. If they do, then there will be a red cross on the subscription/list.

Is there a red cross somewhere, whether it’s on the contact or the subscription, they will not get any newsletters.
It may be worthwhile to delete contacts that will not receive any newsletters now and then, so you don’t have a higher subscription than needed.

Here is a little guide on how to delete all the red crosses (x).

A guide to delete all red crosses in 4 steps

Step 1.
We start by going to the Contacts page and then click on the Filter button and then click on “Show not subscribed contacts
If there are contacts here, they are not on any list and will not receive any newsletters.
Is anything there? Do you want to save it first or just remove it?
If you want to add them to a list, then click Choose action – Add subscriptions for
If you want to remove them, go to Choose action – Delete
If you want to save them first before removing, then click on Choose action – Export
Now it should be empty under the Contacts Page – Filter – Show not subscribed contacts

Step 2.
To remove any previous searches and make sure it’s reset, I usually think it’s easiest to go to the Start page and then return back to the Contacts page. You can also click on the “Reset filter” link located on the dark grey list. Then Filter again.
Now, click Inactive contacts. Here you will see all the e-mail addresses that have been inactivated and have a red cross.
If you want to be careful you can start by exporting them. Click on Choose action – Export
Then you will be able to download them in an Excel file.
Now you can remove them by going to Choose action – Delete

Step 3.
Go to the Subscriptions page and click the Filter button and then Cancelled.
Here you will find all who have clicked on the unsubscribe link/do not want to receive any more newsletters.
If you want to be careful and download them first, then click on Choose action – Export
Then go to Choose action – Delete

But now we’re on the page for subscriptions, so it is the subscription that is being removed. Meaning that the contact is removed from the list. But the contact in itself still remains.

Step 4.
Go back to the Contacts page and click on the Filter button and then “Show not subscribed contacts“. Now it should be a few addresses here.
Choose action – Delete
Now you delete them as contacts as well.

What’s cool here is that the contacts that are on other lists as well, and have a green marker on them. They do not show up here, they remain on their other lists. The contacts that appears here are only those who either were on just one list, or they unsubscribe from all of the lists they were on.

Therefore, it’s good to strive for keeping the view Contacts Page – Filter – Show not subscribed contacts empty as much as possible. Because it is a good “overflow bucket” (direct translation of the Swedish word “överskvalpningshink” (and I agree it sounds better in Swedish 😉 )) for deleting red crosses, and also if you are administrating your lists. It may be good to occasionally check if something shows up here. You will then know what you want to do with the contacts. If you want to add them to another list, or if you want to delete them.


Now it should be clear and no red crosses to be seen anywhere 🙂