Edit a cancelled subscription

If a subscription is cancelled, you have following options:

  • You can delete a subscription
  • You can reactivate a subscription
Reactivate or delete a subscription.

Reactivate or delete a subscription.

Delete subscription

Deleting a subscription means that the link between a contact and a list is erased and removed. The contact won’t be able to receive any newsletters until you reinsert and reconnect the contact to the list again. The difference between a deleted and a cancelled subscription is that a deleted subscription can be undone whereas a cancelled is permanent and can’t be resubscribed unless the contact confirms his or hers subscription by clicking on a confirmation link.

Re-activate subscription

Reactivate the subscription means that you’ll have to ask your contact if he or she wants to re-subscribe on your newsletter by sending him or her a confirmation mail where he or she has to click on an confirmation link in order to reactivate the subscription. It’s a excellent choice if your contact has accidentally cancelled the subscription.