Edit an active subscription

If a subscription is cancelled, you have following options:

  • You can cancel a subscription
  • You can delete a subscription
Cancel or delete a subscription.

Cancel or delete a subscription.

Cancel subscription

Cancel subscription equals clicking on a the unsubscribe-link in your newsletters. Canceling a subscription isn’t something that we recommend unless your contact made it very clear that he or she doesn’t want to receive your newsletter anymore. Canceling a subscription can’t be undone, in order to re-activate the subscription you’ll have to send a re-subscription confirmation mail to your subscriber were one has to click on the confirmation link in order to reactivate the subscription. If you’re not sure what you want to do with a subscription, we recommend that you delete it- in that case you have the opportunity to re-add the subscription without any hassle.

Delete subscription

Deleting a subscription means that the link between a contact and a list is erased and removed. The contact won’t be able to receive any newsletters until you reinsert and reconnect the contact to the list again. The difference between a deleted and a cancelled subscription is that a deleted subscription can be undone whereas a cancelled is permanent and can’t be resubscribed unless the contact confirms his or hers subscription by clicking on a confirmation link.