How do I create a subscription form?

Under ”API & form” you have the opportunity to create a subscription form that you can share on your website and social media plattforms in order to let subscribe to your newsletter.

Step 1: Create the subscription form

To create a subscription form, go to the overview for the “API & Form“. Click on “Add form” to create a new subscription form.

Click on "Add form" to add a new subscription form.

Click on “Add form” to add a new subscription form.


Give your subscription form a name best represents the newsletter that the readers will be receiving, eg. Steel & co’s monthly newsletter form. Note that this name is only for private use and won’t appear online when they sign up for your newsletter.

Contact Fields

Select the fields such as name and email that you’d like the subscriber to fill in. Note that fields such as e-mail in mandatory, however the rest of the fields, including your own attributes are optional.

List and senders

In the list field, select the list your subscribers will be subscribed to. Also, you’ll have to choose a sender name and e mail address that your newsletters will be sent from and will best represent you and your company.

Confirmation Mail

this section is optional, however it’s a good place to get personal with your subscribers. We recommend that you write a personal greeting message. It increases the chance that they confirm their subscription.

Form Settings

We give you the opportunity to influence the text of the send button (the button that the customer clicks to sign up) and which landing page the customer goes to after they’e signed up for your newsletter. Make sure to use it wisely by redirecting to your personal website for example. For the choice of word for the “send” button, sign up is one good example to use. Finally, click “Save” to create the subscription form.

Step 2: Use the subscription form

In the next step, the system generates a subscription form for you to use by copy/pasting it on your website. The subscription form is editable which means that you can make minor or major changes at any time. Just make sure to sae the changes and copy/paste the new HTML-code on your website again.