How do I link my headings?

In the current situation, one can’t create links of the headings in our blockeditor- note that it is possible to do ut in our advanced editor with HTML-code. To get around this problem, we’ll present a little trick that you may use to create a text-version of headings based on text blocks instead on headings blocks that you can link to your website. The following facts are based on the font size that are hard coded in our block editor and these are the sizes that you should work on when creating your headings and that suits both cellphones and tablets as well as browsers.

Heading 1: 30px
Heading 2: 24px
Heading 3: 19px

Now that you know what the measurements are, the next step is to add a link to the text block that you’ve added. To accomplish this, you first select the text that you want to refer to as a link. Then you click the “link” icon (look for the showing a gray chain in the block editor), fill in the URL of the desired landing page and finally click “Save” to save your changes.


  1. Add a text column by dragging and dropping the text block in to your design in the block editor.

  2. Type down the desired text.

  3. Select the font size; 30px (Heading 1), 24px (Heading 2) or 19px (Heading 3).

  4. Select the text and insert a link- click on the icon representing a gray chain.

  5. Fill in the desired URL and click “OK”

  6. Test the link and adjust if necessary. We usually recommend that you make the headlines bold in order to create an eye-catching effect.