Lists – Overview

A list is a collection of subscribers which you may send mails to. Your contacts may subscribe to one or several lists, the tab “Lists” gives you an overview of number of active subscribers. By using lists you can make it easy for your contacts to subscribe to and unsubscribe to a certain newsletter. The system ensures that each recipient only receives one copy of the newsletter, even if the contact is subscribed to several lists.

List Sections



The heading “Name” indicates the name of your various lists. You can easily change the name of the list by clicking on the list you want to rename.


The heading “Description” gives you a summary of your lists, this field is optional to fill. If you’d like to change the description you can click on the list name under the field “Name” to enter the edit mode for the list.


Under the heading “Subscriptions” you will find the number of subscribers who are subscribed to your lists. If you click on the number of subscriptions you’ll get an overview of all your active subscribers that belongs to a list.


This field shows if there are any autoresponders linked to the list. An autoresponder is e.g. a welcome message that is sent as soon as someone has confirmed its subscription and chosen to receive newsletters that are connected to a list. If you choose to delete the list, you must first remove the autoresponder before you can continue and delete the list that is connected to it.


The field actions gives you two choices; to delete and edit a specifik list. Click on the icons that pictures a pen to edit the list or on the icon that pictures a red cross to deletes the list.

Toolbar Sections

Add List

All our new users has a “test list” and a “standard list” where one can import contacts to. If you’d like to add a new list you must click on the button “Add list”. This will take you to an edit page where you can enter information such as; list name, a list description and sender information.

List name appears in the subscription form, make sure to choose a descriptive name.

List name appears in the subscription form, make sure to choose a descriptive name.

Edit List

By clicking on the list name or the icon that pictures a pen you’ll get the opportunity to edit your list. This is a option if you’d like to change sender information or list name.

Delete List

The tool also allows you to remove lists. By clicking on the red cross you delete a list, please note that all of the associated subscriptions and list information will be erased. If you have autoresponders linked to a list you’ll first have to dele the autoresponder first before you can delete the list that is connected to it. The field “Autoresponders” shows the name of the newsletter if there’s a autoresponder connected to the list.