– Independent test of the newsletter before sending

A little bonus tip 🙂

This could very well be your new best friend on the Internet:

There you can test your newsletter and see how it probably would be received by the mail servers on the other end. Take the strange temporary e-mail address that’s in the box. Add it under contacts and into an appropriate test list.
Test the Spammyness of your Emails

Send a test mail and use the same sender address that you plan to use for the real newsletter later on.
Mail-tester will now check both the sender address and the message and give points for how well it seems to have gone.
Once you have sent the test mail, go back to the mail-tester page and click the blue button
“Then Check Your Score” to see the points of that particular newsletter.

You will get a clear presentation of what went well and what you can work on a little bit more.
Just click on the + signs to access detailed information on the parts you want to know more about.

If you want to show the test results to someone else, you can just copy the address of the page and send the link to those who wants to take a closer look at the test results.


To get better points it helps to add DKIM, SPF and Sender ID.
Read more about it here: DKIM, SPF and Sender ID


Below are some different answers you can get from the test:
Wow! Perfect, you can send 10/10
Good stuff. Your email is almost perfect 7/10
Not bad. Some inboxes might still refuse you 5.5/10
Consider yourself lucky if your email goes to an inbox 3.5/10
Your email will never see the light of an inbox 2/10