Sent Mail – Overview

The field “Sent email” gives you an overview of all your sent newsletters. The mails that are already sent is displayed at the bottom of the page. Please note that autoresponders won’t be placed in this section due to the reason that they are continuously on going newsletters that goes out to new subscribers.

Sent Mail Sections

sent mail


The heading “Subject” describes the name of your sent newsletter. If you haven’t specified a subject name the system will provide the template name as your subject.


The field “Sent” provides information about when the mail was sent.


This field provides information about which list the newsletter was sent to.


The tool provides different options such as view mail, a shortcut to reports, copy mail and delete sent mail.

Toolbar Section

View Mail

View your latest sent mail by clicking on the shortcut that pictures an eye in the toolbar. This is an option for you who’d like to check and confirm if there are any concerns.

View Report

Get detailed results of your newsletter. Note that the report will update itself when your subscribers take action, for example when they open the mail.

Copy Mail

Creates a new draft based on a sent mail by clicking on the icon that pictures two folders. The system will provide you with a copy of your sent mail in our block editor were you may edit and resend.

Delete Mail

The icon that pictures a red cross gives you the opportunity to delete a sent mail. Please note that the report for the sent mail will also be deleted. You can’t undo this action.

★ Tool Tip:

Get a Newsletter applies a queue system, in that case a message (“preparing mail”) will be shown in the toolbar.