Templates – Overview

The “Templates-page” gives you an overview of all templates you’ve created (last modified/created template first). The templates are used for basic design which may include company logo, the right text-color and company contact information. We recommend that you add the basic structure to your templates in order to add text information and pictures once you create drafts- you may create drafts based on your templates.

Template Sections



The name of the templet will be presented under the field “Subject”. If you haven’t specified a name for your template, the system will add the name of the template as a subject. The subject name is stated as a link, it’s a shortcut to the editor you chose to create the template in. By clicking on subject name you can edit the template in our editors.


The field “Update” provides you with information about when changes was last made on the template in time and date.


This field shows different options that you can achieve with your templates. Among those are the ability to preview, edit, duplicate, and delete your template and create a mailing of your template. We go through these features in the next chapter.

Toolbar Sections

Preview, edit, copy, erase or open your template as a new draft.

Preview, edit, copy, erase or open your template as a new draft.

Preview Template

Preview template opens a preview of the template in a new window. The preview tool gives you the option to view the template in a standard-view and in a mobile friendly-view.

Edit Template

If you’d like to edit your template you may click on the icon that pictures a pen, the shortcut gives you the possibility to edit your template. Clicking the icon opens the template in the editor you created it in (either Block Editor or in our advanced editor) in order to make new changes.

Copy Template

The shortcut to “copy template” allows you to create a copy of a template. The copy is placed at the top of the list of your templates and will be namned “Copy of [original template name]”.

Delete Template

Deleting a template will completely erase the template and all the hard work you put in to it. The system will automatically ask you to confirm your action before moving on in the procedure. Please note that you can’t regret this action.

Open template as new draft

The icon that pictures a paper plane gives you the opportunity to create a draft of your template. The draft will be opened in Get a Newsletter’s Block Editor and will be eventually be saved (if not sent immediately) and placed under the field “Drafts”. Please note that the template will remain in the field “Templates” even if you create a draft, however, the draft will be moved to the field “Drafts” as mentioned earlier.